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All services performed by Certified Consultants and Trainees

Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks® Retightening 1st Visit - A four and a half hour Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks® Retightening Service along with a mini consultation that allows you and your consultant to get to know each other and address any issues you might have with your locs. $250.00 and up

Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks® Shampoo Service - Up to three (3) deep massaging shampoos are performed on your hair and scalp to thoroughly cleanse your Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks®, finishing with a moisture retention spray treatment (for mature locs only). $30.00 (add $5.00 for braid/band service)

Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks® Consultation - An informative consultation is REQUIRED before you can schedule your Establishment (The NON-REFUNDABLE $95.00 consultation fee is applied towards your full Establishment costs.) $95.00

Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks® Establishment - A CONSULTATION IS REQUIRED BEFORE THIS SERVICE CAN BE BOOKED.   The loc'ig session for the installation of your  Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks®.  The average loc'ing session can take anywhere from 16 to 20 hours or longer.  This will leace you with about four hundred or more beautiful locs.  The starting price is $1500.00 for up to 4 inches of hair and $100.00 for each inch over 4.

Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks® Retightening - The retightening session is scheduled in 4-hour intervals and includes a massaging shampoo of your scalp and hair to thoroughly cleanse your locs. The shampooing is followed by your 4-hour retightening session. The price of the retightening session increases if the time between retightenings exceeds your normal retightening schedule resulting in a lot of new growth and/or additional time is needed. $205 and up

Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks® Pre-Shampoo Retightening - *** Disclosures: Hair must be shampooed 24 hours before your retightening. If hair has not been cleansed, the stylist is required to deny service or upgrade your appointment to the standard $205 retightening. *** $175.00 and up

Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks® Extended Service (8 weeks +) - This service is for clients who have gone past their normal service schedule and need extra time and care for their locs. This service is scheduled in 5-hour intervals. This service includes our normal massaging shampoo of your scalp and hair followed by your retightening. $280.00 and up

Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks® Extra Service - Repair/Restructure $80.00 per hour

Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks® Styling - Styles to help keep your locs looking fresh. $50.00 and up

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