Hair Growth/ Scalp Care
  • Anti-Itch Treatment - A treatment to provide relief from your itchy scalp.  $20.00

  • Deep Conditioner - $25.00

  • Detox - Do you have severe product build up?  Caked on dandruff?  Lint or excessive product trapped in your ?  Well then, the Detox service is for you.  Using a detoxifying pre-shampoo hair/scalp treatment and a detoxifying shampoo, this will surely remove that build up instantly.  $25.00

  • Dry Shampoo - A dry shampoo treatment for your .  $20.00

  • Elevate Essential Oil Treatment -  A blend of citrus and mint essential oils for scalp stimulation.  A botanical treatment.  $20.00

  • Growth Treatment and Style - This treatment balances the pH levels of the scalp, increases circulation, cleanses while stimulating hair follicles and relieves inflammation.  $20.00

  • Hot Oil Treatment - Guests who would like a quick moisturizing treatment can receive a blended oil (with essential oils to relax and rejuvenate) perfect for adding moisture,  $20.00

  • Build-Up Treatment/Soak - Thorough build up removal.  $40.00

  • Deep Cleansing Massaging Shampoo - Our shampoo solutions are used to perform three shampoos your scalp and .  .  (Add $5.00 for braid/band service.) $25.00

  • Treatment - is a turbo-charged conditioning treatments that repairs the bonds within the hair structure, down by heat, coloring or other chemical treatments.  $35.00

  • Shampoo and Blow Dry -  Guests who would love to come and relax for a moment without receiving a full service or a Wash and Go service, can enjoy a spa shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage and blow dry.  $35.00

  • to perform three deep massaging shampoos thoroughly cleansing your scalp and hair.  .  $25.00

  • Steam Treatment - Steam treatments provide deeper penetration of conditioners and oils.  Moist heat is often better for the hair when providing treatment services because it allows for the product to pass through several layers of hair.  It helps smooth the cuticle layer eliminating frizz and can make the hair noticeably softer after only one treatment.  Excellent for guests who receive blow out and color services but equally beneficial for all styles.  $45.00

  • Spa Shampoo and Basic Style - Receive our three-step spa shampoo, conditioning treatment, roller set/braid set/pipe set (or other set option) and style.  Can on , micro , and interlocks.  $50.00 and up

  • Scalp Detox  Carbon, Aloe, Mint Spa Detox System -  Revitalizes and calms dry, itchy scalp.  Activated carbon targets and absorbs deep rooted impurities beneath the scalp, aloe and mint calms and soothes the scalp.

  • Total Treat Deep Cream™ Mask Service - Nourishing service with glycerin and apricot oil, indulges dry, damaged hair with intense moisture and conditioning.  Helps restore softness, elasticity and shine while you relax during a soothing scalp massage.  $25.00

  • Wash and Go - Standard spa shampoo and conditioning service.  Guests receive a scalp massage and a natural hair product to give the guest a wet look.  $45.00

Hair Shaping/Cuts

Barbering Hair Cut - Haircuts for men and women including fades, tapers, line ups and regular haircuts.  (Get a shampoo and conditioner service for an additional $15.00).  $30.00 and up

Hair Shaping - Includes shampoo and conditioner services.  $60.00 and up

The Big Chop/Curl Definition - If you've built up the courage to go for it, the Big Chop will remove all existing relaxer and add shape to your hair.  Steam some moisture into those thirsty tendrils and define your natural curl pattern with some organic styling products.  $85.00 and up

Trim/Dusting - This service includes a shampoo, blow dry and trim,  $55.00

Loc Care and Styling
  • Advanced Styling - with more intricacy and detail.  Styles include free style designs, double twists, rope twists, intricate fish tales, detailed up-dos and more, which are great for events and special occasions.  using pins, rubber bands and clips.  Takes between 30 to 40 minutes to create the style.  $35.00 and up  (Price without grooming is $40.00 and up)

  • Basic Styling - Quick styling for guests who desire a simple yet stylish look.  These styles could include buns, ponytails, large fish tails and other styles.  without the use of pins, rubber bands or clips and takes no longer than 15 minutes.  $15.00 and up (Price without grooming is $35.00 and up)

  • Chenille Curls -  Beautiful curls done with pipe cleaners in for deeper longer lasting curls.  For only.  Includes and condition.  $90.00

  • Goddess Faux Locs Consultation -  Consultation for the installation of Goddess Faux Locs.  MUST have a consultation before booking installation.  $45.00

  • Goddess Faux - Faux are a great protective style that allows wearers to change up their look and give their natural hair a break.  For those thinking about locking their natural hair, faux can be a great way to get an idea of what their hair will look like once the process is complete.  before booking the process.  $300.00 and up (NOT including the hair)

  • Interlocking Installation - Installation of your interlocked .  $450.00 and up

  • Interlocking Maintenance - Traditional using the "interlock" method to provide a longer lasting maintenance it's done without the use of clips or heat.  .  Maintenance lasts up to 6+ weeks.  $120.00 and up

  • Extension Consultation - Consultation for extensions.  $55.00

  • Extensions - Extensions are natural looking that at the root of your natural hair.  to create and a that length and thickness the guest wants.  before .  The pricing DOES NOT include the cost of the hair.  GUESTS MUST HAVE A CONSULTATION BEFORE BOOKING THIS SERVICE  PLEASE CALL THE SALON FOR APPOINTMENT.  $800.00 and up

  • Maintenance First Visit - This is the same as our maintenance service except that you are meeting with your stylist for the first time and receiving a mini consultation so they can better address any issues you may have with your .  $85.00 and up

  • Maintenance - Our maintenance service includes three (3) deep massaging shampoos your scalp and , then with a moisture retention treatment.  The new growth is then finger twisted or palm rolled.   $75.00 and up

  • Maintenance with Chenille Curls - Our maintenance service includes three (3) deep massaging shampoos your scalp and , then an herbal rinse . with a moisture retention treatment. The new growth is then finger twisted or palm rolled. The are then chenille curled. in for tighter curls. $110.00 and up

  • Maintenance (Smalls Locs Palm Rolling) - This service is for Palm-Rolled Traditional Locs. Price varies between $120.00 and $140.00 depending on the number of and the length. $120.00 and up

  • Maintenance with Style - Our maintenance service includes three (3) deep massaging shampoos your scalp and , then an herbal rinse . with a moisture retention treatment. The new growth is then finger twisted or palm rolled. to maintain your tresses. The . $90.00 and up

  • Repair -  Repair can be done several ways. when you meet with your stylist. $10.00 per

  • Traditional Loc Consultation - Consultation for New Traditional Loc Cultivation. $45.00

  • Traditional Loc Cultivation - Loc Cultivation (also as Starter Locs or "Dread" Locs) can by coils double strand twists or palm rolling the hair (to provide a more organic look) to birth a full set of . $100.00 and up

  • Traditional Removal - Careful removal of your resulting in a loose natural.  $50.00 per hour‚Äč

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