Natural Styling
  • Bantu Knots -  Also known as Zulu Knots. The hair is sectioned off and twisted into designer "knots". The shape of the sections can be diamonds, triangles, squares. arcs or free form. $80.00 and up

  • Coil, Braid or Twist Out - This two-step process style is done by parting the hair into sections and coiling, braiding or twisting the hair using organic styling products while the hair is still wet. The guest's hair is set by sitting under a hooded dryer, then the coils, braids or twists are plucked out and teased to add more texture and to hide the parts. This style is great if you love texture, volume and definition. $80.00 and up

  • Coils/Comb Coils - Coils are done using a small toothed comb and creating a single strand twist.  Usually done on hair that is shorter than 4 inches in length.  $80.00 and up

  • Corn Rows with No Hair Added - Designer corn row styles with no hair added. $75.00 and up depending on length and intricacy.

  • Flat Twist - Flat twists are done with two strands of the hair to look like a corn row. The twists are done close to the scalp and the parts can be simple or very intricate and detailed. Flat twists also be done to create texture for a twist out style. $90.00 and up

  • Flat Twist Up-do - Flat twists are done with two strands of the hair to look like a corn row. The twists are done close to the scalp and into an up-do style. $90.00 and up

  • Micro Two Strand Twist - Hair is divided into small micro sections. Each section is divided into two strands then twisted together away from the scalp in a circular motion to create a single twisted micro strand. $250.00 and up

  • Ms. Kila Moyin's Two Strand Twist Wet - $80.00 and up

  • Ms. Kila Moyin's Two Strand Twist Out  - $80.00 and up

  • Ms. Kila Moyin's Flat Twist - $80.00 and up

  • Ms. Kila Moyin's Two Strand Twists Dry - $90.00 and up NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS FOR THIS SERVICE

  • Ms. Kila Moyin's Halo Braid Flat Twist - $100.00 and up

  • Ms. Kila Moyin's Twist Out and Steam - $110.00 and up

  • Natural Hair Consultation - A CONSULTATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL NEW GUESTS. STYLING SERVICES ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH A CONSULTATION AND ARE EXTRA. You may be schedule for styling on another day if your stylist is unavailable the day of your consultation. The stylist will assess the guest's hair and it's condition. A hair and scalp analysis is given as well as product recommendations. If a styling appointment is scheduled within 90 days the NON-REFUNDABLE consultation fee will be applied to the style service. $45.00

  • Palm Rolls/Freestyle Twists - Palm rolls/freestyle twists are done to create a sculpted and "funky" look to the natural hair. Less scalp is visible compared to coils. Gives the style definition and can be done in various sizes to suit the guest's desire. $90.00 and up

  • Rod, Flexi Rod, Roller or Straw Sets - Loose hair is set on rods, flexi rods, rollers or straws to create a full, spiral looking style. Can be done on medium length or long hair/natural and "transitional" hair. The rods, flexi rods, rollers or straws give the hair fullness and body. $90.00 and up

  • Silk Press (aka Blow Out or Flat Iron) - This style is best done during the cooler months if the guest's hair is natural, as there is less humidity in the air. Guest's hair can be blown out and flat ironed using appropriate heat settings, careful not to cause any heat damage. If needed for coarser hair a hot comb may be used. This style includes a trim, if needed and a DISCOUNTED steam treatment. $75.00 and up

  • Style Take Out - We will gladly remove your previous style for you. $25.00 and up, depending on the intricacy of the previous style.

  • Style Touch Up - A touch up of your current style. $25.00 and up

  • The Renee Twist - A one of a kind double strand twist style by Ms. Renee. This service includes shampoo, conditioning, blow dry and style. (Curls included) $90.00 and up

  • The Works - This service includes shampoo, conditioning, blow dry and style. Plus, a clarifying treatment and specialized treatment for moisture, breakage and/or the scalp. Leave with stronger hair. $120.00 and up

  • Two Strand Twist - Two strand twists are done taking two strands of hair (at the desired thickness) and overlapping them from the root of the hair down to the ends. Can be done on hair that is 4 inches or longer, wet or blown dry. $90.00 and up

  • Weave Installation - Installation of your weave.  Hair NOT included.  $150.00 and up 

  • Weave Take Down - Removal of your current weave. $35.00 and up

Special Occasion Services
  • Bridal/Special Occasion Hair Styling - Styling for weddings and special occasions, $85.00 and up

  • Bridal Hair Styling Consultation - Creating your exquisite look for your big day requires timely planning. You will explore options with your stylist, and discuss makeup for your desired look on your important day. Be sure to bring visuals that speak to you and include your hair, jewelry and neckline accessories. PLEASE NOTE: Bridal consultation fees CAN NOT be applied towards ANY OTHER services. $50.00 and up

  • Bridal Hair Styling Package - A consultation is conducted with the bride to be. A DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED. There is a trial run 4 to 6 weeks prior to the wedding day with a veil and other hair adornments to give the bride an idea of what to expect on the wedding day. Wedding day style can be done in the salon or at the wedding location ( the first 20 miles are included, anything over 20 miles is extra). $250.00 and up

  • Special Occasion Makeup - Put the entire look together with hair and makeup. We will create a customized look for your special occasion. Lashes are included in this service. $60.00 and up

  • Wedding Party Package - CONSULTATION AND DEPOSIT ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS SERVICE. A wedding party of up to 5 (not including the bride) will be styled either at the salon or the wedding location/where the wedding party will be dressing (travel fees are accessed for location services). $375.00 and up

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